How many 8 oz glasses of water is in 1 pt, 0.9 fl oz?


A pint is two cups. A cup is 8 oz. So, 2 cups is equal to 16 oz of water. That is equal to 2-8 oz glasses of water. Now just add the last .9 fluid ounces!
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1 pint = 16 oz. so you have 16.9 oz of water. The standard
16-oz+9-oz=25-oz. 25oz/8oz=3servings with 1oz remaining. How ever you maybe looking at 16.9oz - 500ML that would be 16.9oz/8oz=2servings with 9/10 of an oz remaning. (less then 1oz
About 3.8 bottles = 8 glasses of water. When they say drink 8 glasses of water, they just mean 8 oz of water = one glass. Therefore, you should drink approximately 64 oz of water
A glass of water is generally considered to be 1 cup. 1 cup = 8 ounces. So 8 cups of water would be 64 ounces. If 1 bottle is 33.8 ounces, you would need to drink 1.89 bottles to
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If you are 160 pounds, you should only need to drink about 64 ounces of water a day. Eight, 8 ounce glasses should be plenty of water. You can also add some gatorade ...
Will the answer of your questions is depend also the size of glass. But actually the average size a drinking glass is estimated to eight ounces or ( 8 oz) ...
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