How Many Cubic Feet in an 80 Pound Bag of Concrete?


An 80 pound bag of concrete will provide about .6 of a cubic foot, so for four cubic feet, you would need seven 80 pound bags of concrete.
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10 bags will give you 6'2/3" seven bags will give you 11 bags will give you 7'1/3" Each bag is 2/3 cu feet.
An 80-pound bag of premixed cement = .667 cubic feet, or
A 90 lb bag of ready mix will make about 2/3 cu ft. Check the bag for exact volume. If you are using 2x4 for framing the slab, you actually have a 3.5" thick slab, not 4"
Concrete sells in bags
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When we laid our concrete in our backyard it took a lot of concrete. I know that a 90 lb bag gave us 1 cubic foot. You can check the bag to see how many cubic ...
You can find bags of pre mixed concrete in many local hardware stores. If you are pouring the concrete at 4' thick, a single bag will cover .45 cubic square feet ...
One yard of concrete is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet or 27 cubic feet. In order to pour 1 yard of concrete using 90 pound bags you would need 45 bags. 1 90 pound ...
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