How Many Cubic Feet in an 80 Pound Bag of Concrete?


An 80 pound bag of concrete will provide about .6 of a cubic foot, so for four cubic feet, you would need seven 80 pound bags of concrete.
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U need 1.63 80lb bags per square ft so 131bags to do 8ft by 8ft.
Concrete sells in bags
A 90 lb bag of ready mix will make about 2/3 cu ft. Check the bag for exact volume. If you are using 2x4 for framing the slab, you actually have a 3.5" thick slab, not 4"
You should calculate the volume of your slab in cubic yards. First get the volume in cubic feet by multiplying your dimensions together (change 4" to 1/3 ft) . This gives; 80
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You can find bags of pre mixed concrete in many local hardware stores. If you are pouring the concrete at 4' thick, a single bag will cover .45 cubic square feet ...
When we laid our concrete in our backyard it took a lot of concrete. I know that a 90 lb bag gave us 1 cubic foot. You can check the bag to see how many cubic ...
One yard of concrete is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet or 27 cubic feet. In order to pour 1 yard of concrete using 90 pound bags you would need 45 bags. 1 90 pound ...
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