How Much Concrete Does an 80lb Bag Make?


To determine how many bags of concrete you would need to cover 6 yards varies by a few factors. One 80lb bag of concrete will cover 0.6 cubic feet. The formula you need to use to determine this is as follows: Length in feet x width in feet x thickness in inches divided by 12 = cubic feet of concrete. Next take the cubic feet and divide it by 0.6 to determine the number of 80lb bags you will need. If you want to know how many cubic yards you will need divide the the CF by 27.
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Imagine a cube 3' x 3' x 3' . that is a cubic yard. I believe a bag is 1/3 of a yard. No It's less than that one 94 lb bag of Portland cement is one cubic foot. And there are 27 cubic
That depends on how big or deep the yard is. One 80lb bag of…. Quite a few. According to that site about 45.
To build a 4" thick slab that is 1 square yard, you will need: 7 bags of 60-pound QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix or, 6 bags of 80-pound QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix. To build a 6"
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