How Many 80lb Bags of Concrete Equal a Yard?


80lbs. concrete bag needs to be mixed with 4 quarts or 3.7 liters of water. This mixture allows you to place approximately .60 cu/ft of concrete. So therefore you will need 45 bags of 80lb. (4000 psi) concrete ready mix will be enough for 1 yard of concrete.
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It would take just about two bags to cover one yard at 2
A very similar question was asked and already answered. If you look it up in the resolved questions you can find the formula, but your immediate answer is 40.3 bags.
1.8 Cubic yards of concrete is 48.6 cubic feet. Each 80lb bag of concrete is .6 cubic feet. Therefore, you would need 81 bags. Hope that helps. GEO
The proper amount of sand is equal to about twice the weight of the concrete or about 160 pounds in this case. Sand is fine inorganic material that binds with the cement to produce
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The amount of 80 pound bags you would need to make one yard of concrete is approximately 14- 80 pound bags, this does not include the sand and water need to mix ...
The number of #94 bags of concrete it takes to make a yard of concrete is five to six bags along with the sand and gravel you need to mix it with including the ...
Each 60 pounds bag of ready mix concrete will make .45 cubic foot of concrete. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. You will need 60 bags of 60 pound premixed ...
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