How many absences are allowed in a school year?


Attendance policies vary by state and by school district. It is important to obtain specific information from a school to ensure that a student doesn't exceed allowable absences.

Many districts differentiate between parent-excused absences, medically justified absences and truancy. Unexcused absences are often limited, affecting a student's ability to pass a grade level or earn a credit. Some departments of education even work with departments of motor vehicles to restrict driving permits and licenses for students with excessive unexcused absences. Most districts also work to assist students with numerous absence needs because of medical challenges so that academic progress can continue to be made.

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if they're all excused, i think its unlimited.
1. Multiply the total number of students in a school or class by the total number of school days in a year. For example, if your school has 250 school days and 250 students, the perfect
Georgia schools limit excused absences to no more than ten
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