How Many Actors Have Played Batman?


Batman is an all-time favorite comic book story made into films. There are a total of eight actors who played the role of Batman since 1943 up the soon-to-be released film in 2012. Christian Bale is the latest Batman in the movies: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight rises (2012).
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The actors who have played batman are Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Adam West and George Clooney. The five actors have played the serialized comic-strip character called batman over the years in Television series and in the movies.
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There have been a couple different actors that played The Joker in the Batman series. First, there was Jack Nicholson. Most recently, there was the late Heath Ledger.
The first actor to portray "Batman" was Lewis Wilson in 1943. The comic hero had been around for just four years. The second to play the masked hero was Robert Lowery in
"Dark Knight" star Christian BaleChaCha Again.
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Over The Years, the serialized comic-strip character 'Batman’, has been played by many actors. Before the Batman movies, there was the television version ...
As of April 2012, including the animation, there were 17 Batman films that had been made in total. The caped crusader has been played by noted Hollywood actors ...
The original 'Batman' actor was Adam West. He played the role for 120 episodes from 1966-1968. Controversy is still surrounding the actor's departure from the ...
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