How many addictions are there in the world?


the number of addictions that are in the world would depend on who you ask. there is food addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and sex addiction as well as computer addiction.
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1. Set a timer. Allow yourself a very limited amount of time to play World of Warcraft each day. Regardless of what you are doing when the timer sounds, turn off the game. 2. Forget
1 Admit you have a problem. This may be hard, but accepting that Warcraft has taken over your life is the initial step into overcoming your addiction. Ad 2 Consider the following:
While the social factor does make the game addicting, much like other online communities like Facebook or Quora are addictive, World of Warcraft can be orders of magnitude more addictive
There are different types of addictions in the world. For example some have gaming addiction, some are sex addict etc. For more information you can watch TABOO on discovery channel.
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too many, probably a couple of million just for heroin alone. ...
There are numerous addictions. Anything one can become dependent upon can be considered an addiction. Some common ones include drug, sex, shopping and alcohol. ...
There are approximately 1 billion Hindus in the world; that is about 14% of the world's population. Hinduism has grown to become the world's third largest religion ...
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