How Many Airports in Rome?


Rome which is in Italy and has two airports. Leonardo da Vinci Airport (at Fiumicino) which is used by the major airlines, ands Ciampino Airport is used by budget airlines Easyjet and Ryanair. Leonardo da Vinci Airport which is in Fiumicino is a major port of call for intercontinental as well as national and European flights.
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yes it has 2 aiports one is, Rome Ciampino Airport and the other is Rome Fiumicino Airport.
Rome is the capital city of the European country of Italy. It is also the country's largest and most populous city boasting over 2.7 million residents. To find more information click
There are two main airports in Rome: The Leonardo Da Vinci airport and the Ciampino Airport. Thanks
1. Enter the airport arrivals area and go to the Fiumicino Airport train station. After you've cleared customs and gathered your bags, enter the concourse. Signs will direct you to
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Rome has two main airports; Leonardo da Vinci, which is commonly known as Fiumicino and Ciampino. Fiumicino is widely recognised as the main airport and it handles internationally scheduled services as well as providing other domestic services.
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Rome has two major airports:, Fiumicino for scheduled flights and Ciampino which handles mainly charter flights and business aviation. Fiumicino is Rome’ ...
The closest major airport is Rome Ciampino Airport. This airport is about 14 km from the centre of Rome, Italy. Another major airport is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino ...
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