How many albums did Tupac make?


There have been 12 Tupac albums released to date, 5 of these were released before he died in September 1996. The first album to be released posthumously was The Don Killuminati, later on 6 new albums were released. Tupac has sold over 75 million albums worldwide.
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2pac made a difference to all of us from his songs from his life time his books and raps he mite be a thug but hes a thug in the hart to all of us.
1, it was the name of his first album. 2Pacalypse Now is the debut
1. Outlaw on his left lower arm 2. 2Pac written on his left chest 3. Queen Nefertiti on his right chest 4. Thug Life on his stomach 5. 50 Nig*** under a AK47 on his solar plexor 6
There were six albums released by Tupac Shakur before his death in
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Tupac Shakur has sold over 75 million albums worldwide thus making him the world's best-selling rapper. He lived between June 16, 1971 and September 13, 1996 and the themes of most of his songs were about violence, racism and other major social problems. Tupac Shakur has done a total of twelve album releases, six of which were released before his death in 1996 and the other six posthumously released.
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