How many albums did Tupac make?


There have been 12 Tupac albums released to date, 5 of these were released before he died in September 1996. The first album to be released posthumously was The Don Killuminati, later on 6 new albums were released. Tupac has sold over 75 million albums worldwide.
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as of 2001 tupac shakur sold 38 million albums and this is a documented fact.
He made five albums in the 90's. Four of which were released while he was still alive and one that was released after his death. 0 0 Comment
Tupac had over 30 albums recorded, dead and alive!Thanks for using
soulja boy has made 1 albem but alot of singles,soulja boy has sold about 1.5 million albums. Edit: Soulja Boy has never went platinum his first LP never sold over a million. He did
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Tupac Shakur has sold over 75 million albums worldwide thus making him the world's best-selling rapper. He lived between June 16, 1971 and September 13, 1996 and the themes of most of his songs were about violence, racism and other major social problems. Tupac Shakur has done a total of twelve album releases, six of which were released before his death in 1996 and the other six posthumously released.
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