How Many Algae Eaters Should I Put in a 25 Gallon Fish Tank?


You should only put two algae eaters in a 25 gallon fish tank to keep from overcrowding the area. I like the effectiveness of the Siamese Algae Eaters over the Chinese Algae Eaters.
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You can put any kind of fish in the tank if they are not overcrowded and the fish all get along. A good rule of how many fish to put in a tank is one gallon per inch of fish.
A ten gallon is the minimum for any other fish other than a betta, or with the betta. If you were to upgrade kuhli loaches with sand substratw would be fun!
honestly the best thing to get rid of alage is you.
Hi Tracy Corydoras catfish (cories) remain as my favorite no-trouble scavengers for almost any community tank. They won't bother other fish and most other fish leave them alone as
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