How many "American Pie" movies are there?


As of 2014, there are eight "American Pie" movies, released between the years of 1999 and 2012. The second, third and eighth movies were direct sequels to the original "American Pie," while the remaining movies were spinoffs.

"American Pie," written by Adam Herz and co-directed by Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz, told the story of four high school friends determined to lose their virginity before graduation. "American Pie 2" brought together the friends again for a summer adventure, while "American Wedding" married off one of the friends. "Band Camp," "The Naked Mile" and "Beta House" turned to a new group of high school and later college friends, some of whom were the younger relatives of the original characters. "The Book of Love," in 2009, was essentially a remake of the original movie, with a new set of boys out to lose their virginity. "American Reunion" brought back some of the original characters to see what happened to them 10 years after the first movie.

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the answer is eight. American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, American Reunion, American Pie Presents Band Camp, American Pie Presents the Naked Mile, American Pie Presents
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There are 3 American Pie movies and 3 American Pie Presents movies....
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