How Many Americans Died in Vietnam War?


The number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War is 58000. The Vietnam War was so costly to the Americans that President Johnson had to cancel his Great society programme of social reform. Some of the veterans who survived the Vietnam War suffered psychological effects and those who suffered this are said to number 700,000.
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The Vietnam War Memorial, "The Wall" lists over 58,000 names of those who were killed during the conflict. I am a Vietnam Vet, and am somewhat embarassed to admit I do not
58,159 American soldiers died in the Vietnam War or were missing in
An estimated 1,700,000 people died in the Vietnam War which lasted 1959 to 1975. Over 58,000 were Americans.
Hostile deaths: 47,359. Non-hostile deaths: 10,797. Total: 58,156 (including men formerly classified as MIA and Mayaguez casualties) (my note: that would have been Marines and Special
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