How Many Amps Are in a 9v Battery?


There are 0.5 amp in a 9v battery. A nine volt battery is often referred to as a transistor battery. The battery is shaped like a rectangular prism shape. It has rounded edges and at the top there is a polarized snap connector.
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there are 500 milliamps (500 mA) in a 9-volt alkaline battery.
If you put the two LEDs in series they will drop 3.4 volts, limit the current to 15 milliamps or less. So the resistor should be 5.6 volts/,015 amps or 373 ohms but that is not a
1. Stand your 9-volt battery on flat surface so you can see the negative and positive terminals. They are side by side. 2. Select the correct voltage on your voltmeter. Voltmeters
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