How Many Amps Are in One Horsepower?


Horsepowers measure energy. This is a completely different concept than amps, which measure the rate at which electricity flows. Horsepowers can be converted into watts, not amps.
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A motor's starting current is quite high compared to when it has reached full speed. An electric motor during start up overcomes inertia, begins turning and establishes the magnetic
This isn't a simple answer. A third party is needed to figure out how many watts are in an amp. You must know how many volts are involved as well. You divide the watts by the number
For a single phase 3 HP motor at 208 volts the amperage is 18.7 amps. For a three phase 3 HP motor at 208 volts the amperage is 10.5 amps. This figure is derived at by taking the
12 Amp would be 2 1/4 horsepower. Thanks for asking ChaCha.
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The answer depends on what the voltage is. One horsepower equals 745.699872 watts. The formula is Power or P=VI, = Voltage x's current. This becomes Power divided by voltage equals current, or P/V = A. So, 120 volts, 745.699872 watts and 120 volts equals 6.214 amps.
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Horsepower is used to describe several units of measurement of power. It is defined as the rate at which work is done. One horsepower for rating electric motors ...
Watts are never equal to one AMP. Watts and AMPs are two different types of measurements. It would be like trying to convert miles to gallons. ...
Because these two terms measure two different aspects of electricity, it is not possible to convert between the two. Amperage is a measure of current flow past ...
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