How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Draw?


The amount of Amps a refrigerator draws depends on the size, model and age of the refrigerator..A 3.9 cu ft fridge uses 1.4 amps,, To check out your refrigerator, look for a label located on the back or inside door of the appliance. The manual that came with your refrigerator will have all its specifications, including how many amps it draws.
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1. Gain access to the point where the power cord connects to the refrigerator. If the conductors are bundled with other wires, separate one conductor wire and keep it isolated. Currents
A 3.9 cu ft fridge used 1.4 amps, some others use as much as 11.2 amps like a dishwasher would. This information can be found on the back of each refrigerator.
A refrigerator might draw up to 15 amps initially but
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