How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Pull?


A refrigerator typically pulls approximately 725 watts. The watts are similar to the amps. The covering area also determines how much amps are utilized.
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You can look on the back of the appliance and it will give that information; however, you can also call your electric provider, and they can tell you too. A 3.9 cubic foot appliance uses about 115 volts. So double that for an average size refrigerator.
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Depends on the fridge, location - meaning hot or cold climate, fridge location in the house, how many times the door is opened, and how much stuff is in the fridge.
A 3.9 cu ft fridge used 1.4 amps, some others use as much as 11.2 amps like a dishwasher would. This information can be found on the back of each refrigerator.
1. Switch on the clamp ammeter and push the "Test" button if it has one. This checks the state of the meter's battery. If the battery fails the test or is running low, before
The amount of Amps used by a refrigerator depends on its brand and
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How many amps your frig uses depends on what type of fridge you have. If you look at the specs for your particular refrigerator it will tell you how many amps ...
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