How Many Amps Does a TV Use?


The number of amps that a television uses really depends on the type of television you have. For example a LCD television will use a different amount of amps than an earlier non-LCD television. The size of the television also applies in determining the number of amps used.
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How many amps a TV uses is shockingly a simple question to answer. I say this because size of TV or type does not matter much in the equation. A 32 inch television will use about 1. 5 per hour max. A 40 inch LCD will hit about 1. 65 and the lowest will be about 1 per hour for a 21 inch. So between 1 and 1. 65 amps per hour.
How many amps that a TV uses is going to depend on what size you have. a small TV will use 55 - 90 watts, a larger TV can use up to 474 watts. A Laptop computer uses 45 watts.
Each tv uses a different amount of amps. There is a place on the back of the television that tells you the amperage. An example though would be a 40 inch LCD tv uses about 1.625 amps per hour.
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