How Many Amps Does It Take to Kill You?


How many amps it takes to totally kill a human being seems to be somewhat varied. In the average human being, as few as 20 amps can result in death. For some individuals, such as Ma Xiangang, the rate seems to be much higher. In fact, Ma states that mild electricity gives him energy.
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It is the amperage that will kill you. In fact the amperage range is in the milliamps (one thousandths of an amp) that are dangerous. Less than 1/2 milliamp no sensation. 1/2 to 2
It only takes a very small amount to kill you. .1 milliamps to be exact, but
Only 20 amps will kill a human instantly. It is not the volts that will kill you, it is the amps! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 08:56AM EST. Source
Nice Question! It is not amps actually, but it is the voltage which decides. The higher the voltage, the danger increases. We humans feel a shock if the voltage is increased to 20
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In the right conditions, it only takes fifty milliamps to kill someone. A 9 volt battery has the ability to kill a person, if it is a direct and open hit. Two-hundred-forty volts of AC could also kill someone.
In order to kill a healthy human being you would need 0.05 amps if the currant was to travel through the heart via the left arm. In order to kill a person with a weak heart you would only need approximatley 0.03 amps.
A 75 milliampere of current can kill a man. It can cause ventricular defibrillation that may lead to a man's death. Current rating that can kill a man still depends on one body's resistance.
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Many people say that it is not the volts that kill humans but it is the amps. How many amps does it take to kill a human? To kill a human, it would take 0.4 amps ...
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