How Many Amps Will 12 Gauge Wire Carry?


Electricity is usually carried throughout a home and business using wires that are connected to a main electrical source and a fuse box. There are many different types of sizes of wires that can be used, and usually, the wire is measured in gauges by the amount of electrical amps that it can safely carry. A 12 gauge wire is commonly used in kitchens and garages. A 12 gauge wire will typically safely carry around 20 amps.
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A #12 copper wire with an insulation factor of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 20 amps. A 12 AWG wire should not be connected to a breaker larger than 20 amps. The wire is capable
16 Gauge wires can carry between 3 and 25 amperes depending on the length of
your breakers in your house are 15 amps and 20 amps for duplex recepticles in your be safe use a cord rated for 15amps.then ohms law is amps x volts = 15 x 120 volt
Ok three feet to a switch is 1.5 to and 1.5 back, 3 feet to and back is 6 feet, if this is just a switch in series to the fuse, no issues, 6 wire will hold 30 amps constant
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Depending on the insulation type, a 12 gauge wire will carry up to 30 amps, however according to the NEC it can only be used for 20 amps maximum.
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