How many angles does a pentagon have?


A pentagon has a total of five angles. There are five sides to a pentagon as well as five total angles. The sum of all the angles of a pentagon equals up to 540 degrees.
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360 degrees divided by 5 (sides of a pentagon) gives you 72 degrees.
1. Draw a 1-inch horizontal line. This will be the bottom base of the shape. 2. Draw a 1-inch vertical line straight up from the left endpoint of the base line. These two lines form
The characteristics of a regular pentagon are interior angles of 108 degrees and
The sum of the angles of a pentagon is 3*180 degrees = 540 degrees. Let's see why is that: The pentagon has 5 vertices, A,B,C,D,E. The diagonals that are running from the vertex A
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Pentagons have five sides. You can draw them any way, just as long as they have five equal sides and all internal angles add up to 540 degrees. ...
The underground Pentagon has two floors. The building has five sides. There are five floors that are above the ground. The Pentagon has 3,705, 793 square feet ...
A pentagon is a five-sided two-dimensional polygon. It contans three triangles and the sum of the interior angles is 540°. ...
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