How Many Animals Live in the Ocean?


There are over 1 million species of plants and animals that are known in the ocean. Many scientists believe that there may be another 9 million species of plants and animals yet to be discovered in the ocean. The blue whale which lives in the ocean is the largest animal in the world.
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over 100,000,000 species. There are many different kinds and very colorfull too
There are literally billions of different animals in the ocean. These include animals as small as zooplankton, as large as whales, and everything in between. You can find more information
Scientists have determined that there are over 2 million species of animals
1. With a pencil, draw the outline of the ocean animal. As you choose the position and environment of the animal, give thought to what that animal is likely to be doing. Find a natural
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There are so many kinds of animals that live in the ocean. Interesting, colorful fish, friendly dolphins, and scary sharks are simply a few. Of course, not everyone ...
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