How Many Atoms Are in CA No3 2?


How many atoms that are in CA No3 2 are a total of 9. They are made up of calcium which is 1 atom, nitrogen which is 2 atoms and oxygen which is 6 atoms.
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In Ca(ClO. 3. 2. there are one calcium atom, two chlorine atom and six oxygen atom. So total of nine atoms.
There are 4 atoms of phosphorus in the equation 2Ca3 (PO4) 2.
6. 1 mole of CS. 2. contains 1 mole of carbon and 2 of sulfur.
There are three atoms in CaCl2 (calcium chloride) - one calcium atom and two chlorine atoms. Peace,
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Calcium has exactly 20 protons. The chemical element also has 20 neutrons. The chemical symbol for calcium is Ca and the atomic number for the element is 20. ...
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