How Many Atoms in Al2 So4 3?


In Al2 So4 3, there are 17 atoms. Al, Aluminum, has 1 atom. So, Al2 has 2 atoms. S is Sulfur and O is Oxygen, each having 1 atom. So, S + O4 is 5 atoms. When the 5 atoms are multiplied by 3, there are 15 atoms total for (SO4)3. Adding the 2 atoms for Aluminum and the 15 atoms for (SO4)3 is a total of 17 atoms.
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17. Al 2. S 3. O 12.
There are 2 Aluminum, 12 Oxygen and 3 Sulfur atoms in aluminum sulfate.
Well the 3 indicates that there are 3 Aluminum atoms, and the Sulfate is sectioned off to show that there are 2 sulfates. So in one sulfate there is one sulfer atom and four oxygen
How many moles of sulfur are present in 9.5 moles of Al2(SO4)3? There are 3 moles of sulfur, and 1 mole of Al2(S04)3, so you have a 3 to 1 ratio (3:1) 9.5 mol Al2(SO4)3 x (3 mol S
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