How Many Atoms in Al2 So4 3?


In Al2 So4 3, there are 17 atoms. Al, Aluminum, has 1 atom. So, Al2 has 2 atoms. S is Sulfur and O is Oxygen, each having 1 atom. So, S + O4 is 5 atoms. When the 5 atoms are multiplied by 3, there are 15 atoms total for (SO4)3. Adding the 2 atoms for Aluminum and the 15 atoms for (SO4)3 is a total of 17 atoms.
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17. Al 2. S 3. O 12.
There are 2 Aluminum, 12 Oxygen and 3 Sulfur atoms in aluminum sulfate.
How many atoms in AL2(SO4)3? The numbers after the symbol are the number of atoms of the element. Parentheses are similar to math. All the inside the parentheses are multiplied by
12 of A, 3 of S, 12 of O for a total of 27 atoms in one molecule, BASED ON HOW YOU LISTED THIS. The problem is the formula is listed wrong. It isn't A12 probably. If you check, it
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