How many babies are aborted each year?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 765,651 legal induced abortions in the U.S. during 2010. While abortion rates fluctuate from year to year, the trend during the 21st century is moving downward, with an overall drop of about 10 percent during the first decade.

Numbers reported by the CDC do not include any illegal abortions or abortions that were performed as part of another procedure, such as a hysterectomy. Even accounting for these cases, the CDC numbers do not match those of the Guttmacher Institute, a division of Planned Parenthood, which reports over 1.1 million abortions in 2010. This may be due to the CDC's passive reporting survey technique, which depends on abortion clinics voluntarily sending in data, as opposed to Guttmacher's method of contacting each clinic directly. It also may reflect differences in the way emergency oral contraceptives are used and reported.

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2529979 fetuses were aborted in 2010.
In the United States about 3,700 babies are aborted each day or approximately
In 2007, the estimated number of legal abortions performed in the United States was estimated to be around 1.37 million. Ninety percent of these abortions were performed in the first
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