How Many Babies Are Born Each Day?


The United State Census Bureau reported in 2010 that there is 361,481 babies born in the world every day. With that number, that means there are approximately 251 babies born throughout the world each and every minute.
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Well I think that there would be about.8,856,723,199,276 babies born in the whole world each day.yeah that sound pretty good to me.
7.4 babies born per minute in the US, 60 Minutes in an Hour, 24
About 5 percent of female prisoners arrive pregnant, according to a 1999 report by the Justice Department. The Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy group, estimates that
Scientists says there are over 216,438 babies born in the world a day. That's about 79M babies/year. Wow!
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There are estimated over 4 million births each year. This means that every second, there are 4.2 births, and over 361,000 births each day. You can find more information here:
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130 million babies are born every year,and out of this number 4 million die in the first 4 weeks of their lives. ...
According to the United States Census Bureau for 2010, there is an estimated 251 babies born each minute worldwide. This translates to 361,481 babies born each ...
About 130 million babies are born each year around the world, about 4 million of the babies born, die in the first 4 weeks of life—the neonatal period. ...
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