How Many Babies Do Rabbits Have in One Litter?


A rabbit's litter will usually have about 7 kittens on average, although some rabbits can have as many as 11. In the wild, not many rabbits make it to maturity due to the presence of predators.
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Fore most 1st time mothers she will have 1 to 5. 5 being the most I've ever had and im a rabbit breeder. But 3rd or 4th time mother will have up 15. But most of the time only 6 to
It usually takes 28 to 31 days from conception to birth in rabbit litters. This short gestation time makes it difficult to predict when babies will be born. If you are unaware that
Rabbits can mate as early as 3 months of age and gestation is 31 days with a
1. Get your rabbit spayed or neutered. A fixed rabbit is noticeably less aggressive and easier to train, as it will stop wanting to mate and mark its territory. Ad. 2. Watch the rabbit
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