One Bag of Cement?


It would take about 6 bags per cubic yard of concrete.
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Portland cement is most commonly sold in bags weighing 94 pounds. Because the density of Portland cement is 94 pounds per square foot, a standard bag of cement takes up 1 cubic foot
The concrete answer to this is about 4.00 per bag. In different areas of the country this will vary in weight and poundage. Quickcrete at Lowes was the most affordable for quality
Usually 1 cubic foot. It can be sold in smaller bags, but when someone refers to the ratio of cement in a concrete mix (i.e. a "5 bag mix" then they mean 1 cubic foot.
A 50 LB. bag of cement will cost you $14.49. You can purchase a bag of Instant Post
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The bags of cement ratio to one yard can differ according to the project at hand. If you are going to mix cement for slabs of concrete to cover driveways, parking ...
There is a minimum of 6 bags of cement in a cubic yard. This will vary depending on how thick you want the cement to be. With 6 bags in a cubic yard you will need ...
"Portland cement" is the variety that we're most familiar with today. Manufacturers create this binder by heating limestone and clay to about 2,600 degrees ...
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