How Many Bananas Should I Eat?


According to health experts, it is recommended that one eats one or two bananas in a day. This is because, though bananas are highly nutritious, they contain high levels of potassium which if consumed in large quantities may cause a variety of health problems. Bananas are a great source of carbohydrates and energy in the diet but should not be eaten by individuals with liver problems.
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One can eat one banana per day to acquire the 467 mg of potassium and one mg of sodium that is contains. In the end these minerals will help the body to prevent high blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis.
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The amount of bananas that should be eaten on a daily basis is around one or two. Eating too many bananas will induce an increase in the amount of potassium within ...
In my opinion you should eat as many bananas as you like. Bananas are a great source of protein as well as potassium. However, if eating too many bananas is causing ...
Bananas should be eaten in moderation. An average of two cups or two whole bananas is recommended to supply the daily nutritional requirement of potassium. Note ...
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