How Many Battles Did George Washington Lose?


President Washington fought in a total of 9 battles while in office. He won all but 3 of those. The three he lost were: The Battle of Lexington, The Battle of Concord and The Battle of Bunker Hill.
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He actually only won 3 out of the 9 battles he fought.
George Washington did not father any children. As his wife had given birth to four children in her previous marriage, some believe Washington was sterile.
George Washing born in 1732 was born with 10 toes and 10 fingers! ChaCha on!
There is no exact number as to how many women George Washington
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George Washington lost 6 battles. He only fought in a total of 9 battles starting in 1752 up to 1783. While he lost a majority of his battles, he and his men always lived to fight another battle. You can find more information here:
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