How Many Beers Equals One Shot of Vodka?


A 12 ounce beer equals one shot of vodka. It also equals most other hard liquors. Of course this can vary a little depending on the proof of both the beer and the vodka.
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12oz. beer, 8oz. wine, and 1 shot alcohol are all equal. Thank you for
A shot is considered 1 oz, so a 12 oz beer would have 12 shots. Be careful, and drink responsibly!
2 shots of vodka or 2 oz of vodka at 80 proof is 0.8 oz of alcohol 1 beer at 1 pint (a US beer is 12 oz, not 16) is about 0.4 oz of alcohol (depends on beer) So roughly 1 shot equals
Roughly 4.
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