How Many Bench Press Sets to Do in a Workout?


The number of bench press sets that you should do in a work out depends on the power of you triceps and how regular you train. A typical bench press work out should include a first set of 12 repetitions each, followed by a second, third and fourth set each comprising of eight repetitions.
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1. Establish a maximum weight you can lift. The pyramid bench press works from the bottom to the top with the top of the pyramid being a one rep maximum weight. 2. Perform a warm
If you are using a Smith machine, you can do many exercises on it. You
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For desired results, one should do 4 bench press sets of 6 presses for a total of 24 total presses. However, depending on the kind of results one wants, finding the right combination of doing bench press sets, and repetitions is essential. As one gets stronger more sets, repetitions and weights will be needed.
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