How Many Breeds of Chickens Are There?


There are actually over 60 breeds of chicken, and over 30 that are bred frequently in the United States. Some common breeds are Ameraucana, Andalusian, and Brahma.
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Chickens breed by doing the deed, just like humans. The rooster mounts the hen, and does his thing. After some time the hen lays an egg, and it has to be kept warm, until it hatches
Over 100! There are several sites that keep breed info up to date. See RELATED LINKS. You may note that those breeds listed in America will differ from some of the breeds listed in
1. Choose breeding stock that conforms to the American Poultry Association's standards. Inspect the quality of the hens and roosters of the parent flock, if purchasing eggs to hatch
1. Join an online group for exotic chicken breeders interested in raising exotic poultry. An online group can be a useful venue for finding feed and equipment suppliers, solving chicken
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