Brick Cost Per Square Foot?


To calculate the number of bricks needed per square foot will depend on the wall thickness as well as the thickness of the horizontal mortar joint. A wall with a 8”,9” and 1/8 inch mortar joint needs 2 thick bricks while a 16”,17 wall thickness and 1/8 inch horizontal mortar joint thickness needs 4 thick bricks.
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If you are using standard size bricks and you lay them out in a 3 x 3 square, you will have laid nine bricks and covered an area approximately 2 square feet. So divide that by two
1. Count the number of bricks in the area you want to determine the bricks per square foot. 2. Calculate you square footage. It is normally easier to break the area down into rectangles
9" thick wall needs 12 bricks per square foor. 13.5" thick wall needs 18 bricks per square foot. 18" thick wall needs 24 bricks per square foot. Sender: Mr. Khayal
Ans. 7.212838836 ie 8 bricks. Assuming brick dimensions given in inches. Area of brick = 2.62x7.62 = 19.9644 Sq. Inch = 0.138641667 Sq. Feet. Bricks required to cover 1 Sq. Foot =
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The standard size of a brick in the United State is 8X4X2.25 in. In a square foot, there are approximately seven modular-sized bricks in a square foot of wall ...
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