What is the conversion rate between the British pound and the US dollar?


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0.6464 UK Pounds (GBP) is equal to 1 US Dollars (USD)
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One British Pound is worth $1.52 in United States Dollars as of April 1, 2010
The conversion for a British Pound to a US dollar is 1.4539. More Questions? Text
As of 11/10/2009, exchange rates are 1 British pound = 1.6737 U.S. dollars. The dollar is up a little! So 850,000 pounds equals $1,419,500 US.
One dollar is 194.21 Hungarian forints. Have a great day!
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1 us dollar is equivalent to 0.69 Great Britain's pounds. The conversion rate between the currencies is normally determined by the changes in the economy of the two nations and also the global economies. As a result, these rates might change resulting in to the rise or fall of the currency value.
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