How Many Brothers and Sisters Did Shakespeare Have?


William Shakespeare had three brothers and two sisters. The brothers were Gilbert (born in 1566), Richard (born in 1574) and Edmund (born in 1580) and sisters Joan (born in 1569) and Ann (born in 1571).
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William Shakespeare had seven siblings; three brothers and four sisters. Two of his sisters died at childbirth leaving a total of five siblings. His sisters were Anne, Margaret, Joan and coincidentally, another Joan. The brothers were Richard, Edmund and Gilbert. William was the first born son of the family.
William Shakespeare had 8 brothers and sisters. They were: Margaret, William, Gilbert, Joan, Anne, Richard, Mary and Edmund. In those days, due to high child mortality rates, many children died while still young and in Williams' family, only Joan lived to be 77.
William Shakespeare had seven brother and sisters. Four Sisters and three brothers.
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He had 4 sisters and 3 brothers. i thought this might help you because couldn't find the number. i did some research and found this information. thnx.
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There were 8 children all together; Joan, Margaret, William, Gilber...
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William Shakespeare, the famous English playwright was one of eight siblings. He had five brothers and three sisters, many of whom died before he did. ...
William Shakespeare had three brothers and two sisters. His two sisters were older than him but they died in their early childhood. For more information on William ...
William Shakespeare had four sisters and three brothers in total. His parents, John and Mary, had their first child Joan in 1558 but she only survived for two ...
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