How Many BTU's Do You Need to Cool a Room at 435 SQ FT?


It is suggested that for cooling a room you have a unit with at least 20 BTU's per square foot. To find the total number of BTU's needed you would simply multiply the total square footage of the area to be cooled. For a 435 square foot room you will need a minimum of 8,700 BTU's.
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In whole numbers of feet, anything from 1 x 435 to 15 x 29. You have not provided sufficient information for a definitive answer.
To cool anywhere from a 1,000 to 1,400 square foot house, you
There are 3.415 BTU/H per watt so it will require 61,470 BTU per hour for that internally produced heat. If there is other heat entering the 90 sq. ft. room such as sunlight entering
The recommended BTU for a 200 ft sq room is 6,000 BTUs. If the room is heavily shaded, you can reduce the BTU capacity by 10% & increase it by 10 if its sunny. report this answer
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The amount of BTUs that you need per square foot for 1100 square-foot room is roughly about 20 ft.² per BTU. So you need to divide 20 into 1100 and this will ...
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