How many BTUs are in a cord of wood?


The amount of BTU's in a cord of wood would depend on the exact type of wood. There are 18.4 to 19.5 BTU's in a cord of alder red wood and 24.5 to 26.0 BTU's in a cord of ash wood.
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It is the amount of wood that fills up a space 4x4x8 feet long, which is a large amount! It would fill the bed of a pick up truck 2 times, and last a household most or all winter.
1. Multiply the width, height and length measurements of a cord of wood to calculate the volume it comprises in cubic feet. One cord represents a volume of firewood measured as 4
The answer depends some on whether the 2000 square feet is all on one level, or divided into multiple levels. Typically 75,000 btu would be sufficient to heat 2000 square feet comfortably
A cord of wood, is 128 cubic feet of piled wood. You want to burn only,
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The amount of BTUs in a cord of wood vary depending on the the type of wood that the cord is made up of. For example, one cord of Osage Orange wood is around 30.0 BTUs. There are literally hundreds of different types of wood in the world so you really have to be in tune with the type of wood that you have in order to figure out the individual BTUs. Typically, wherever you get the wood from should know the type.
The denser the wood and the dryer the wood the more btus you will get. So from a cord of standard wood you would get from 18,000,000 to 24,000,000 btus. The best wood for burning and the most heat would be hickory, locust and some oaks are high in btus.
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