How Many Btus in a Ton of Air Conditioning?


One BTU per hour is equal to .293 watts. A ton of air conditioning produces about 12,000 BTU per hour. A BTU is equal to the amount of heat that needs removed in order to decrease the temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.
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Impossible question. A TON is a measure of WEIGHT but a British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measure of HEAT ENERGY. The latter, is measured in JOULE or Calorie in the Metric system. Journalists
A 5 ton air conditioner is typically rated at 60,000 BTUs (British
1. Divide the number of BTU/hour by 12,000 to convert to tons. For example, if you had 18,000 BTU/hour, you would divide 18,000 by 12,000 to get 1.5 tons. 2. Multiply the number of
1 ton 288,000 BTUs/24 hours or 12,000 BTUs/hour.
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