How Many C Sections Can You Have?


There is no established number of the C-sections one can have. However, it is advisable that you consult a gynaecologist, before going for the C-section. Some of the aspects a doctor would consider will include the nature of the scar from the previous Caesarean section.
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A cesarean section is one of the ways to deliver a baby. It involves the mother being lightly sedated and numbed and the physician cutting the mother stomach open to retrieve the
Cesarian sections were historically reserved for sick and dying women. The origin of giving birth by Cesarian section remains uncertain, but ancient cultures refer to the procedure
A cesarean section or C-section birth is the delivery of a baby by surgery. It may be planned by your doctor or occur in an emergency. A c-section can be done for a variety of reasons
1 Wait at least six weeks after surgery to start an exercise routine, even if you were in great shape before the pregnancy. Carrying a baby and giving birth can be traumatic for your
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