How Many Calories Are Burnt during Exercise?


The number of calories burned during exercise depends on different factors. The type of exercise affects the number of calories burned: vigorous exercise burns more calories. The weight of the person exercising will also affect the number of calories burned. The bigger the weight, the more calories are burned in an hour of exercise. For more information, visit:
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The amount of calories burned depends on the exercise. You
The calories that you burn when you finish exercising is sometimes referred to as the after-burn in everyday speech, or as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) by personal
It depends on how hard you work during the workout, i've used my heart rate monitor and i burned 400 calories. so it depends on how hard you really push yourself during the video.
The calories you'll burn in the P90X stretching video are so minimal that they should not change how much you consume that day. You are better off assuming a zero calorie burn than
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