How Many Calories Are in a McDonalds Meal?


McDonalds meals have the following calories: Cheese Burger, 295 Double Cheese Burger421, The Big Mac 485, Chicken Nuggets ( 1 ) 40, Ham Burger 249, Chicken Sandwich 370, Quarter Pound + Cheese 500, Fish Burger 370, Bacon Double + Cheese 475, Big Breakfast 578, Large Fries 400 , Hash Brown ( 1 ) 134 Milkshake 380.
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It depends on exactly whatyou order. McDonald's has a variety of foods - they don't all have the same number of calories. Most meals from McDonald's contain about 500-1,000 calories
Please specify which breakfast meal and ChaCha will be happy to answe.
well i can only say its way a lot of calories in it but that doesn't matter if you can stay healthy after all. its better to eat wrong than nothing.
There are 776 calories in the McDonald's Hotcakes and Sausage meal.
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