How Many Calories Are in a Piece of Chicken Breast?


Chicken can be cooked with skin on and then the skin is removed (or left on) before eating. When eaten with skin on, it has more calories than when the skin is removed as shown below; with skin left on, there are 336 calories in 170g chicken breast while the same quantity of chicken breast with skin removed has 282 calories.
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Calories in a piece of chicken breast. With the skin. left on and eaten, there are: approx. 55-56. calories in each ounce of cooked breast including skin. approx. 220. calories in
There are 110 calories in 3oz Baked Chicken Breast, it's low in fat, with just 1 gram. Ask us 24/7!
It depends on how it's prepared. Grilled skinless chicken breast h...
about 120 for the size of a deck of cards.
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