How Many Calories Are in One Walnut?


The USDA claims there are 26 calories in one walnut. Walnuts are a great healthy food and is considered as brain food. These nuts contain phosphorous, magnesium and fatty acid.
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There are 26 calories per walnut. There are also 2.6 grams of fat per walnut!
Calories in walnuts There are: approx 13 calories in each half walnut approx 27 calories in each whole walnut approx 183 calories in each oz or 28g approx 185 calories in 14 walnut
Each whole walnut has about 27 calories. An ounce of walnuts (14 halves) is approximately 185 calories. A cup of chopped walnuts (120g) has about 785 calories.
A single slice of a 14-inch Domino's peperoni pizza contains 324 calories. A single slice of a 14-inch pepperoni pizza from Papa John's contains 338 calories. A single slice of a
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Walnut Halves
Nutrition Grade
1 serving (30.0g)
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