How many calories do I burn while sleeping?


The amount of calories a person burns while sleeping is about 0.42 calories multiplied by the number of pounds that the person weighs multiplied by the number of hours that the person sleeps. A person who weighs 200 pounds and sleeps for eight hours per night burns 672 calories while sleeping.

Increased muscle mass and a faster metabolism allow a person to burn more calories, fat and sugar while sleeping. More calories are burned during the deeper stages of the sleep cycle, especially during REM sleep. A cooler temperature in the bedroom leads to more restful sleep and forces the body to burn more calories to produce heat.

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1. To burn more calories while sleeping, take up weight lifting during the day. One pound of muscle burns on average about 50 calories per one day and night, while one pound of fat
Your body goes through photosynthesis at night, using energy from the moon. You dont burn any calories, your body actually produces about 100 calories, unless youre in a dehydrated
Assuming a body weight of 150 lbs, the average person burns 90 calories while
The overall energy cost of walking is lower than that of jogging because of the slower speed. However, when you walk at speeds of five miles per hour or better (that's a pace of 12-
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How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?
People burn calories when sleeping, and those who have more muscle mass in their bodies will burn more calories. Discover how working out and eating healthy can help a person to burn more calories when sleeping with information from a fitness trainer in... More »
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