How Many Calories Does a Cross Trainer Burn?


Depending on the intensity, you may burn more calories with the elliptical trainer compared with the treadmill or the exercise bike. The actual workout feels like a brisk walk even though you are exerting as much effort as a good run. Elliptical trainers burn the between 8 and 12 calories per minute. Not too bad.
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Power walkers burn more calories than those strolling at a leisurely pace. A 160-pound person burns 183 calories per hour walking at 2 mph; a 200-pound person burns 228 calories.
From gym expierence you burn between 700 and 900 calories if you are being realistic. After 1 hour it tends to slow down as you are more tired and so dont put in as much effort. so
Cross Country Skiing can burn up to 1200 calories for a large
Depends on the weight and metabolism of the individual. A 150 lbs man can burn 3-5 calories and a 250 lbs man burns 4-7 calories. As the workout continues the rate of caloric burn
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The amount of Calories that one can burn on a cross trainer depend on intensity of the exercise. Elliptical trainers are however said to burn the between 8 and 12 calories per minute. The good thing about using of these devices is that they reduce impact since they provide the same workout as that of jogging but without the wear and tear on your joints.
Cross training enables one to burn excess fat in the body and boost fitness.419 calories are burned by a cross trainer for about 45 minutes.
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