How many calories does a stair stepper burn?


According to Shape Magazine, a person can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes on a stair stepper. On average, a person who weighs approximately 150 pounds burns about 100 calories every 15 minutes, using regular settings. The amount of calories a person burns varies based on the intensity level.

The number of calories that one burns on a stair stepper varies based on individual weight, metabolism, and the length of time spent on the machine. It is possible to increase the number of calories burned, by increasing the difficulty on the machine. Many stair steppers calculate exactly how many calories are burned during the exercise routine.

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There are two kinds of steppers-the stepper and the mini-stepper. The stepper, or stair stepper, is a piece of mechanical equipment that simulates stairs. A mini-stepper is a smaller
It depends on your weight, gender, age, pulmonary physiology (i.e., VO2 max), duration of exercise, and your mean heart rate during that exercise. Without knowing this information,
In an 8 hour shift, I walk aproximately 24 miles, burning an average of 75 calories per mile = 1800 calories burnt in one shift.
About 11 calories a minute for moderate jumping.
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Calories burned using a stair stepper will vary based on the difficulty setting and the individual. If the difficulty setting is light, a person weighing 150 lbs ...
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