How Many Calories Does Deep Frying Add?


A tablespoon of oil adds 120 calories to whatever food you are frying. To determine how many calories deep frying adds, you need to know how much oil is absorbed into the food. A battered piece of chicken will absorb more oil than a fried potato that has no batter to stick to.
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It would depend on the fat used, cooking time, and draining time. Some of the sugar would be destroyed by the heat, but the calories from fat would be substantial, as many as several
If it has a breading 200-300. If it is naked 100-150.
Shrimp Tempura(deep fried) Sushi Roll (3 pieces) has 275 calories; 8 g fat
Total Calories per serving is 156, Fat 9.8 grams and Cholesterol of 8 milligrams. Ask away!
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