How many calories does movie popcorn have?


A large tub of popcorn from AMC Movie Theaters weighs in at 157 grams and has 1,030 calories. Included in those calories are 41 grams of fat and 579 milligrams of sodium.

According to WebMD, a large tub of movie theater popcorn packs the recommended daily amount of fat into one sitting. When movie theaters offer the popcorn in combos that add soda and candy, viewers can consume a day's worth of calories and up to three days' worth of fat in a sitting. Because of the low nutritional value of popcorn, soda and candy, nutrition experts call these empty calories. Adding butter and salt to the popcorn only makes the snack's fat and sodium content skyrocket.

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1. Bring a bag of already popped popcorn from home, to the movies and save money. Buying it in the movie theater it is very expensive but also tastes delicious. Count calories in
It all depends on the size of the popcorn the calories in theater popcorn can range from 400 to 1200 caloies and If your having a combo thats another 300 to 1700 add candy 100 to
A medium popcorn (16 cups) sans "butter" contains about 900
A large "buttered" popcorn at the typical movie theater contains about 1,220 calories. Enjoy!
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There are about 400 calories in a small movie theatre popcorn with no butter. If you decide to add butter to your small popcorn it can have as many as 1,000 calories ...
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