How Many Calories Does P90x Burn?


P90x is a popular workout. The amount of calories burned will vary from person to person and will vary based upon the workout. On average, the amount of calories burned is 600.
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Beach Body estimates 600 calories per DVD in the program. It all depends on your age, size, weight, and how intense you make the workout. I am 6'2 245 and 32 yrs old. According to
The workouts are designed to burn approximately 600 calories. Have
600 calories. good job for doing p90x. i did the program before too! Source(s)….
P90X is a series of workout videos featuring trainer Tony Horton. One of the 12 videos, Kenpo X, has an hour of Kenpo karate that provides both a cardio workout and full-body toning
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depending on how long id say 2-4 pounds ...
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