How many calories does spinning burn?


One hour of spinning in a day can help you lose half a stone & drop a dress size in six weeks. Spinning is one of the gym’s most effective ways to burn calories in a short space of time.
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At our gym there is a calorie counter on the spin cycles. Having done classes with various friends and having peeked over the shoulder of other classmates, I can tell you that it
According to, a cyclist burns about 5.5 calories per hour per pound of body weight riding between 16 and 20 mph. Riding between 12 and 14 mph burns about 3.6 calories
The overall energy cost of walking is lower than that of jogging because of the slower speed. However, when you walk at speeds of five miles per hour or better (that's a pace of 12-
Since apples do not come with nutrition labels, many people wonder how many calories an apple has. One medium red apple contains approximately 80 calories. The calorie count is not
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